Give In by The Snow Symphony (Studio Version)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Here's a song I wrote a week back. Something with a little different feel to it.
A song about a girl thats works on the airplane, travels all over the world and taking pictures with her big black camera around her neck. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Had Shit For Sound.

The worst show Ive ever played. The shittiest sound I've ever produced. If not for these things, i think the show at URBANATTIC was pure shit.

1. Eve Oh.
2. The band who kept it cool inspite of the unbalanced sound.
3. The people who came and supported us.

You see, the band was suppose to be there for soundcheck at 7pm. Left my place around 6 15pm and jam all the way till 720pm. By 730pm, the whole band was there. But we were banned from soundcheck because we past our "time". So here were are, a full four piece band. With no sound check. I couldnt see what the problem was because the place was practically empty and it was still early. Instead they continue blasting System of A Down Chop Suey on their sound system.

We got up on stage, the violin was no where to be heard, my guitar sounded like a sport shop guitar, the drums was not balanced and the bass was empty. I respect the sound guy no doubt, but theres only so much he could do on the spot. Imagine the guy standing at his console tweaking every single instrument on the spot.

This is a place that pays you RM200 for two 20min set (who they dont tell you till you get to the venue, the two 20min set part) for sounding like shit.

We would like to apologize to everyone who came and supported us because we could have given you guys a better show. But i hoped you guys had fun anyway.

Singersongwriters, bands and performers. Better think twice before performing there, see if its actually worth it.

It was definately our last.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


From our myspace blogsite:

The Snow Symphony has grown from a solo singersongwriter, to a guitar and violin duo and now a guitar/violin and cello trio. We got more songs than those being uploaded here on myspace. Recording in process... so we'll have new songs here in no time. Pleas bare with us :)

These are the plans for the year,
1. A 5 Track EP. Song like: Hush, Crash, Indifferent, Love and our new song, Holiday.
2. Tour around Malaysia and to Singapore end of this year.

One year, and still growing strong. most importantly, still growing."The best thing about making music, is being able to find friends to make it with."The Snow Symphony: a good example of 3 very different people with different backgrounds and different dreams in life who makes beautiful music together in the living room of an apartment.
More new songs soon on Myspace. Promise.

Take Care for now!
With Love,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keep It Real. Keep It Local.

Keeping It Real.

Ive always felt that if you do music, you have to be completely honest with yourself and with other people. There's always a difference between people who does music passionately and those who does it just to fit in and impress. Because those who just wants to impress, doesnt create a connection between them and the audience (which is the most important thing when performing). People would definately go "oh thats cool and all that" but they wont remember them because they were not touched in any way. But if you really wrote your song like you mean it, sing it like you mean it and play it to people like you mean it, they will stop what they're doing and start listening to you. Because they believe you. Then you'll start to believe them. And you start to believe in your own music. And now, you're hooked on it. Just like most Malaysian singersongwriters are.

Keeping It Local.

Nowadays, all over the world, new bands are coming up, new singersongwriters appears everytime after their backpacking trip around the world and hiphop/rnb music is flooding up the radio charts. People are going crazy on who's coming for Sunburst, where is Jason Mraz playing, and is Rihanna still going to have a gig here? Who punched her?(just kidding) But i feel like people are not asking the right questions. How about, which local band will be playing at Sunburst, which local singersongwriter got to open for Jason Mraz, do we really need Rihanna here when all the bloody clubs in KL and radio channels are blasting her song till dawn.

Ive been a singersongwriter for a year now. Gigged in different places and have met wonderful people while i did it. Im not too sure how the local bands scene is but i do know that for now, the singersongwriter circle is definately getting bigger. New people constantly appear at Open mics and alot of them are actually good and they have their own story to tell! Eventhough more and more people are coming out to sing, but the community i feel somehow is tight. We all know each other. We help each other out. And we go for each other's show. There is no competition bullshit with us. We're all in it together. But the most important thing here is that we love music. And its what we do best. As it is, we do not get the amount of support we need. But we do extremely appreciate the support we have now. All im saying is, local music is as good as those internationally. (some might even be better) but the funny thing is, people just tend to support those across the ocean. (Singapore included)

The only way for Malaysians to support our own local music is if our own has been across the ocean and back. Oh... right. So after we all breakthrough internationally, people wanna take credit la. "Oh you know, he's actually Malaysian." "Malaysian what, we all can do it wan." "Im so proud im a Malaysian." W... T... F...

How about some support, now?

We cant do it alone.
But i can tell you. Malaysian local music indie scene,
has some of the best damn music Ive ever heard.

Keep it real, Keep it local - quoted from the Time Out Magazine.

Nick Davis
The Snow Symphony

Sunday, January 18, 2009

KLPAC Open Day

So we decided to spend our Sunday at KLPac for their second open day. I realised how much has changed since the first open day there last year. The place, the people, me. See if i can dig out some old klpac open day pictures...

KLPAC Open Day 2008.

I was interning at KLpac that year. So for the open day I actually had to work and didnt get to chill much at the event. Like this year's, it was hot. Later that day, i went up for THREE. rehearsal, a physical movement production i was involved with before i was in AIRCON. It was fun and exciting. Ian Chow gave me a 30 min slot to perform my songs on that morning. That was ofcourse before ive written all these Snow Symphony songs. Before The Snow Symphony existed. Before I knew Rohnie and Savy. Before alot of things. It hasnt even started then. I was still Nick the Intern.
But this year, i went back there with Savy and Rohnie to perform as The Snow Symphony. It was a whole different experience. This year was all heat, beers, food, friends, and music for me. Didnt have to worry about anything. At all. So i do want to thank all the KLPac staff and members for a job well done. I had alot of fun and it was a fantastic day out i know how tiring it can be but it was all worth it. Im very sure everyone walk out of KLPac as happy as i was. Here are some pictures of THIS year's KLPAC OPEN DAY when we performed:

Thanks to Chris Tang for the pictures.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our First One

Finally, The Snow Symphony has recorded something. If you just got here and reading this, the song should start pretty soon. Let me know what u think about when u hear this song. :)